A Letter From The Board

Dynamic Aviation today is a leader in the aerospace industry, and we are grateful for the trust which our customers and coworkers put in us. The American people now put their trust in us to restore First Air Force One to her original glory and take to the skies once again. This Lockheed Constellation, which carried President Dwight D. Eisenhower during the early years of his presidency, now resides in a specally built hangar at our Bridgewater, VA facility as we prepare for her future.

Built in 1948, this aircraft was the first presidential transport to go by the call sign “Air Force One”.

This indicated to Air Traffic Control that the President was on board. She shuttled President Eisenhower around the globe, and today represents one of the most prosperous periods in our nation’s history. Led by President Eisenhower, one of America’s greatest presidents, this was an era that brought the free world out of the darkness of a brutal world war and propelled the United States to its place as world leader. Much of this is due to President Eisenhower and his wisdom in shepherding our nation, and the world, through a very vulnerable period in global history.

Our passion for aviation is matched only by our passion for history. Already, we have a number of lovingly restored vintage aircraft in our fleet including a 1943 Douglas C47/DC-3. With a 90-year aviation legacy, our company’s hallmark is customized aircraft, painstakingly modified to meet the requirements of operators worldwide. We believe this provides the ideal creative environment for the restoration of this national treasure.

First Air Force One will fly across the nation as a reminder of America’s role in today’s world. This aircraft symbolizes optimism and belief in the American dream that bolsters the human spirit – a message that reaches across generations. In the years ahead, we can look forward to the days when First Air Force One joins the air show circuit; when school children step inside and fall in love with aviation; when veterans can sit under the wing to relive the stories of their service to our country.

We invite you to join us on the exciting journey ahead as we look forward to the day when First Air Force One takes to the skies once again. On behalf of our company, our family, and our nation, thank you for supporting this endeavor.



Michael A. Stoltzfus

Michael A. Stoltzfus

CEO, Dynamic Aviation