New life for
an old plane

From its glory days as President Eisenhower’s aircraft to being forgotten in the desert and used for parts, First Air Force One now has a second chance to make a lasting impression. Join us on the journey of a lifetime as we restore this aircraft to its former glory.

About First Air Force One

the history

First Air Force One was the presidential aircraft for Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1954. As the presidential aircraft, First Air Force One boasted an elegant interior with luxurious finishes.

The mission

The objective is to restore First Air Force One to its original grandeur — as if it just came off the assembly line or better. Eventually, First Air Force One will fly across the nation as a reminder of America’s role in today’s world. 

the plane

Built in 1948, this Lockheed Constellation was the first presidential transport to go by the call sign “Air Force One”.



First Air Force One: The History

Every vintage airplane has a story – a ‘soul’ representing experiences and people. It’s not just a collection of aluminum and rivets. The mission transcends the tangible piece of metal – this airplane will be a legacy gift to the American people when she is flying again.

- Rod Moyer, Director of Flight Safety