Dynamic aviation

Dynamic Aviation owns and operates more than 140 aircraft and employs more than 550 aviation professionals around the world. The company spans the globe with 22 bases on five continents. Inspired by his father’s first flights in 1934, Karl Stoltzfus, Sr. founded Dynamic Aviation in 1967. Now led by his son Michael, the company continues to be a progressive family-run business shaped by nearly 90 years of flight.

My father’s passion for aviation was matched only by his passion for history. We already have a number of lovingly-restored vintage aircraft in our fleet including a 1943 Douglas DC-3. With a 90-year aviation legacy, our company’s hallmark is customized aircraft, painstakingly modified to meet the requirements of operators worldwide. We believe this provides the ideal creative environment for the restoration of this national treasure.

Michael Stoltzfus

CEO, Dynamic Aviation


The history of the First Air Force One is incredibly unique. From carrying the President to being forgotten in the desert, the timeline of the First Air Force One’s life is a story all its own.

1948 to 1968

Miltary Service

1970 to 2014

Civilian use by Christler Family

2014 to Present

Restoration and ownership by Dynamic Aviation

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the first air force one