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New life for an old plane

Once considered ‘The lost Air Force One’, the plane was abandoned in the desert and left for scrap. A crop-spraying company bought a group of five Lockheed Constellations in 1970 – four of them were operable and the fifth was used for parts. In 1980, the Smithsonian contacted the owner to inform him that the fifth aircraft was actually the first Air Force One. The patriotic businessman realized he couldn’t scrap it and for over a decade, tried to find a way to restore it.

Karl Stoltzfus, Sr., the founder of Dynamic Aviation was the driving force behind saving First Air Force One. Unwilling to let First Air Force One vanish into obscurity, he decided in 2014 to purchase the aircraft and restore it for future generations.

After a year of intense labor, First Air Force One took to the skies once more for its first flight since 2003. The aircraft performed beautifully and landed at Dynamic Aviation on March 23, 2016.

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